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A Little About the Artist:

Robert Paulette has lived in Maine his entire life and has a love of the landscape and breathtaking water views. He realized at an early age he had a talent for painting but only truly developed his passion for the art more recently.

He loves to create oil paintings that showcase the beauty of the northeast and its many natural resources and varied views. Whether it be the ocean and its inhabitants or spectacular scenery, he can capture the essence of the moment. The recently sold whale tail painting represents a local Portland, Maine legend named Lunch.

He invites you into his gallery on the Portfolio page so you can view his work. Or maybe you have a photo in mind that would look great on your wall. He can work with you to bring it to life. Robert also offers classes to small groups.

Feel free to reach out to him and Contact artist for more information about his work or his artistic journey.

Robert Paulette

Portland, Maine